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The Library consists of the following four treatises:

Summary of California Law (11th edition); 2017; 18 volumes with cumulative annual supplements. This treatise provides a critical examination and concise statement of every major substantive subject in California statutory and decisional law. Summary of California Law includes the following chapters:

  1. Contracts
  2. Insurance
  3. Workers' Compensation
  4. Agency and Employment
  5. Sales
  6. Negotiable Instruments
  7. Secured Transactions in Personal Property
  8. Security Transactions in Real Property
  9. Torts
  10. Constitutional Law
  11. Taxation
  12. Partnership
  13. Corporations
  14. Parent and Child
  15. Marriage
  16. Community Property
  17. Real Property
  18. Personal Property
  19. Equity
  20. Trusts
  21. Wills and Probate
  22. Juvenile Court Law

California Procedure (5th edition); 2008; 10 volumes. with cumulative annual supplements. Every major branch of procedure is covered, including some important subjects that are both substantive and procedural in nature and are seldom brought together in a single treatise. California Procedure includes the following chapters:

  1. Attorneys
  2. Courts
  3. Jurisdiction
  4. Actions
  5. Pleading
  6. Provisional Remedies
  7. Proceedings Without Trial
  8. Trial
  9. Judgment
  10. Enforcement of Judgment
  11. Attack on Judgment in Trial Court
  12. Extraordinary Writs
  13. Appeal
  14. Administrative Proceedings

California Evidence (5th edition); 2012; 4 volumes with cumulative annual supplements. This work covers both the law of evidence and the production, presentation, and discovery of evidence in civil and criminal practice. California Evidence includes the following chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Judicial Notice
  3. Burden of Proof and Presumptions
  4. Circumstantial Evidence
  5. Opinion Evidence
  6. Hearsay
  7. Demonstrative, Experimental, and Scientific Evidence
  8. Documentary Evidence
  9. Witnesses
  10. Discovery
  11. Presentation at Trial


California Criminal Law (4th edition); 2012; 7 volumes with cumulative annual supplements. California criminal law and procedure is comprehensively treated, including the federal constitution and United States Supreme Court cases affecting California law. It covers traditional common law crimes, as modified by statute and judicial decision, and the formidable accumulation of public welfare offenses in the statutes regulating businesses and professions, labor, health and safety, and many other subjects. California Criminal Law includes the following chapters:

  1. Introduction to Crimes
  2. Elements
  3. Defenses
  4. Crimes Against the Person
  5. Crimes Against Property
  6. Sex Offenses and Crimes Against Decency
  7. Crimes Against Public Peace and Welfare
  8. Crimes Against Governmental Authority
  9. Punishment
  10. Introduction to Criminal Procedure
  11. Jurisdiction and Venue
  12. Pretrial Proceedings
  13. Illegally Obtained Evidence
  14. Criminal Trial
  15. Criminal Judgment
  16. Criminal Appeal
  17. Reversible Error
  18. Criminal Writs

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