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The Witkin Legal Institute was a work in progress during B.E. Witkin's lifetime. Beginning in 1981, he selected five attorney-editors at Bancroft-Whitney to assist with the preparation of the Witkin treatises and trained them in his methods of selection, organization, and production. Additional members were added to the Witkin Department in later years. The Witkin Legal Institute was established by Bancroft-Whitney and the Witkin Estate in 1996, shortly after his death. It is now an editorial department within Thomson Reuters. The staff is comprised of nine attorney-editors and five manuscript editors.


The mission of the Witkin Legal Institute is to further B.E. Witkin’s life-long commitment to advancing the understanding of California law and improving the administration of justice. The Institute will achieve these goals by:

  • Maintaining and enhancing the quality of the treatises that comprise the Witkin Library
  • Developing publications and programs that serve the ongoing educational needs of California judges and attorneys
  • Supporting the professional activities of local bar associations, judicial organizations, and law schools

Board Members and Fellows

In the early years of the Institute's existence, a board of distinguished lawyers, judges, and public members provided guidance and advice about the Institute's activities and programs. Although the board is no longer active, the Institute acknowledges the generous contribution these individuals made to the Institute's development:

  • James J. Brosnahan
  • Elizabeth J. Cabraser
  • Joseph W. Cotchett
  • Victoria J. De Goff
  • Norman L. Epstein
  • Florentino Garza
  • Seth M. Hufstedler
  • George F. Martin
  • Robert D. Raven
  • Gordon D. Schaber
  • Winslow O. Small
  • Howard B. Wiener
  • Alba Witkin
  • Arleigh M. Woods

The Institute also acknowledges the following individuals (designated Witkin Fellows) who have presented programs on behalf of the Institute:

  • James J. Brosnahan
  • Erwin Chemerinsky
  • Arthur Gilbert
  • Gerald Gunther
  • James E. Hogan
  • James D. Ward
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