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Bernard E. Witkin received many awards and accolades throughout his long career, of which the following are among the most significant:

The Witkin Medal

The State Bar of California presents the Witkin Medal annually to recognize lawyers, judges, or academics “who, through a career of extraordinary service, have made significant contributions to the quality of justice and legal scholarship in our state.”

The recipients of the Witkin Medal are:

  • 1993 Bernard Witkin
  • 1994 Raymond Sullivan
  • 1995 Gerald Gunther
  • 1996 William Rutter
  • 1997 Bernard Jefferson
  • 1998 Stanley Mosk
  • 1999 Joseph Ball
  • 2000 Dorothy Nelson
  • 2001 Norman Epstein
  • 2002 Seth and Shirley Hufstedler
  • 2003 Robert Raven
  • 2004 Thelton Henderson
  • 2005 Ronald George
  • 2006 Elwood Lui
  • 2007 Alex Kozinski
  • 2008 John Van de Kamp
  • 2009 Cruz Reynoso
  • 2010 Beth Jay
  • 2011 Joan Dempsey Klein
  • 2012 Jesse Choper
  • 2013 Carlos Moreno
  • 2014 Erwin Chemerinsky
  • 2015 Anthony Kennedy
  • 2016 Constance Rice
  • 2017 no medal awarded
  • 2018 Kathryn Werdegar

The Francis Rawle Award

The 1994 Rawle Award was presented to Bernard E. Witkin by the American Law Institute and the American Bar Association for "outstanding contributions to the continuing education of the legal profession."

Institutions, Programs, and Awards Named for Bernard E. Witkin

  • The Bernard E. Witkin State Law Library of California
  • The Bernard E. Witkin Alameda County Law Library
  • The B. E. Witkin Judicial College of California
  • The Witkin Medal, presented annually by the State Bar of California
  • The Bernard E. Witkin, Esq. Award, presented annually by the San Diego Law Library Justice Foundation
  • The Bernard E. Witkin Lifetime Achievement Award, presented annually by the Fresno County Bar Association
  • The Witkin Award of Academic Excellence, presented to top students at California law schools by the Witkin Legal Institute
  • The Bernard E. Witkin Award for Excellence in Appellate Advocacy, formerly presented annually at the Roger J. Traynor California Appellate Moot Court Competition
  • The Bernard E. Witkin Amicus Curiae Award, formerly presented annually by the California Judicial Council

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