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The California legal community has long looked to Bernie Witkin and the Witkin Legal Institute for incisive analysis. Now, web surfers can relish a good backbeat as well, in the form of a rock requiem to the Golden State’s most celebrated legal scholar. The tune, “Bernie's Song”, although not commissioned by Thomson Reuters, was written and recorded by The Citations, a San Francisco quartet of current and former Thomson Reuters employees.

“As far as we know, this is the only rock song ever written in honor of a legal scholar,” said Michael Christensen, bass player and Witkin Institute staff member. “It started with a solid rhythm line, and just evolved from there. Bernie’s life and achievements certainly provided us with rich fodder to work from lyrically.”

Although elated with the response they've received since the release of “Bernie's Song”, no band members are contemplating a career shift at this time. However, “If the State Bar Convention Committee calls,” said former Thomson Reuters editor and guitarist Jody Pollak, “we might be available.”

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